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What Our Clients Say About Us

"I used YAY’s images on my blog, for brochures, even on apparel designs. They have tons of variety within each subject, a range of styles and I love the different formats - particularly the hi-res images! The images feel less 'stock' and more 'real.' Hoor-YAY, I say."
Grant Spanier

Customer Feedback
Customer Feedback
"I love YAY’s clear background and clean pictures. Since it’s so inexpensive, I’ve used tons of photos - in email campaigns and in blog posts. YAY Images is awesome!"
Dr. Justine Lee

"YAY Images is so user friendly. All the vector files are top notch- no backend hidden weirdness like you see from a lot of stock vector art, which makes the files easy to work with. The search is easy to filter through which made it REALLY easy to find what I needed."
Adam Saul

Customer Feedback
Customer Feedback
"YAY Images has a clean, easy-to-use interface that lets you scroll through hundreds of options easily. I work in communications for a non-profit and I could always find an image to use as a standalone or as part of a larger graphic. YAY Images is just a little more fun and user-friendly than other options I've tried. The image options are more creative and occasionally quirky."
Alicia Johnston
"YAY Images is so easy to use! You don't have to stop what you're doing to worry about credits or making sure you have enough on your account. It’s a low-cost, quick , easy stock image source that you need to try. It takes less time and is so much easier to manage than other stock photo sources. Love it!"
Kim Herrington

Bear and Beagle Creative

Customer Feedback
Customer Feedback
"I loved that YAY’s images were easy to search and that there were SO many of them - lots of unique things I had never seen anywhere else. Their images are more creative, original, and artistic than others I’ve seen which I really appreciate. They’re a huge resource and time saver for my business and mental sanity!"
Rebecca McLoughlin

Beautiful Living

"I use YAY images for both client work and my own blog posts. I liked the ease in choosing formats (digital-res or print-res) and the quantity of vector formats.You can download an image right from the search page, rather than having to click through to a second page - so convenient!"
Amanda Cobb

Dragonflight Dreams Graphic Design

Customer Feedback
Customer Feedback
"YAY’s streaming and digital plans are really appealing. I love being able to use the image online without hosting myself, and being able to use images in any digital capacity. Totally innovative!"
Krista Langford

arts educator