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When Do I Need an Extended License?

Generally most uses of stock images are covered by the standard Royalty Free license. The exception is if you are selling a product which incorporates the images in an essential manner. This basically means that you must purchase an extended license if you are selling a product where the image is central to the product you are selling. Examples of this could be if you are using the image on postcards, t-shirts or coffee cups. We also recommend an extended license if you need to print/use the image more than 500 000 times (this does not apply to advertisements, tv-productions or websites).

If you are making a product in less than 100 copies, you do NOT need an extended license. If you purchase a standard license, you can upgrade it to an extended license by contacting us.

To acquire an extended license, you need the Pro Plan. This plan has 100 Extended License downloads included per month.



What is the right license?


Electronic Use

Website, blogStandard
Banner advertisementStandard
Apps, games - the image is NOT essential to the productStandard
Apps, games - the image is essential to the product (f.ex a screensaver)Extended
Website templateExtended
Online newspaper, magazineStandard

Print and other media

Magazine, NewspaperStandard
Advertisement in magazine/newspaperStandard
Business CardStandard
Postcards - personal useStandard
Products for resale (t-shirts, posters, wallpaper, postcards, etc)Extended
Leaflets, cataloguesStandard
Product PackagingStandard


It is also free to contact us and ask for advice.