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How Are the Streaming Images Hosted?

We use Amazon AWS Cloudfront to host the streamed images. This is a high-availability, low latency service that provides endpoints around the globe. This means that your images will show up quicker than if you host them yourself.

"Using a network of edge locations around the world, Amazon CloudFront caches copies of your static content close to viewers, lowering latency when they download your objects and giving you the high, sustained data transfer rates needed to deliver large popular objects to end users at scale." - Amazon Website

Cloudfront has over 40 endpoint locations covering all inhabitable continents. This means that if you are based in the US, but have readers in Australia, the images will also be hosted in Australia - and Aussies will get your images quicker than if you hosted them in the US alone. As soon as a reader opens a site with streamed images, the image is saved on the endpoint for new viewers.

Advantages of our Content Delivery Network:

  • Low latency for worldwide readers/customers
  • High availability
  • No hassle - it just works
  • No extra costs - it's included in the subscriptions
  • Very reliable