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Is There Anything That Is Not Allowed to Do with the Images?

Almost all possible uses of images are covered by the standard Royalty Free license. If you are reselling the image in any way (f.ex in a template, on t-shirt, coffee mugs, etc), and you have circulation of your products of more than 100, you must have a Pro Plan. There are also a few restrictions on use, which is described below.

Royalty Free images cannot be used in a defamatory, unlawful or pornographic way. You cannot use them in trademarked logos or use images depicting people in political campaigns in such a way that the model seems to embrace a special political cause. You cannot use an image to infringe any copyright, trade name, trademark or service mark of any entity or person.

Images marked as editorial must only be used in an editorial context. You cannot modify editorial images, except moderate color adjustments, cropping and the like.

There is a also a restriction on using a subscriptions to build your own photo bank. If you regularly need images, you must have a subscription.

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