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What Can I Use the Images for?

Stock images are an easy and great way to enhance the professional look of your design. It adds a visual feel and makes the design lively, at the same time that it attracts readers and help you prove a point.

At YAY you will find stock images for all your needs.

All our creative images have a Royalty Free (standard) license. This makes it easy for you, since you can use the images an unlimited amount of times for almost any purpose* without having to pay extra. The rights granted are non-transferable and personal to you or your company.

Once you have purchased an image, there is no time limitation on when you can use the image. It is your's forever.

What Can I Use This Image for?
Magazines and newspapers
Websites and blogs
Powerpoint and Keynote presentations
Advertisements and commercials
TV shows
Brochures, flyers and newsletters
Intranet and internal business communications
Business cards
Annual reports
Video games and apps for smartphones/tablets
Book covers
Food packaging
Computer games

All Creative images at YAY have a Royalty Free license, which means that you can reuse the same image in several media without paying extra.


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