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Sleepy hollow - mystical valley in fog with dark birds flying - panoramic historic cable car lift in Zagreb, capital of Croatia - way to upper town Medvedgrad castle & Croatian capital Zagreb from Medvednica mountain - Altar of motherland Castle Erdody Rubido Gornja Rijeka with green surrounding Croatian national hall building, Krizevci, Croatia, Prigorje county Veli losinj aerial view at evening, Croatia, Island of Losinj Springtime green idyllic hill with vineyard, Zagorje, Croatia Early morning sun in the fog, seen through the tree Morning fog and haze in the valley - sleepy hollow Octopussy with potato baked in olive oil - traditional Dalmatian dish Bee working on the flower in springtime Veli losinj panoramic - church & safe harbour view - tourist paradise Veli losinj panoramic aerial view, Island of Losinj, Croatia Panoramic view - Town of Mali Losinj Ilica - famous traditional wine road with cottagres in Kalnik mountain region, Croatia Old wooden cottage - wine cellar in Kalnik mountain region, Croatia Authentic croatian wooden cottage - wine cellar in Kalnik mountain region Beautiful adriatic Town of Mali losinj evening, Croatia City Zagreb rooftops and croatian national theater Zagreb rooftops and church tower Zagreb rooftops and church tower, croatia Green square in Zadar - Forum romanum, Croatia young Hungarian vizsla dog on meadow Mali Losinj bay panoramic view at dusk, colorful sunset, Island of Losinj, Croatia Two red poppy flowers in green wheat field Sea at sunset - water shining and reflecting Sailboat on open sea, blue waters Megapanoramic view - Mali Losinj, Island of Losinj, Croatia Beautiful beach on Krk island, Croatia, near Vrbnik Megapanoramic view - Mali Losinj, Island of Losinj, Croatia II Panoramic photo of historic zagreb, taken from upper town Mediterranean village on Island of Susak, Croatia - village on sandy island in reed and bamboo jungle Golden sunset and sailboats - ropes, sail and sun behind the mountain Panoramic view on Kalnik mountain ridge, Croatia Old Mountain lodge in rural area, Kalnik mountain, Croatia Halloween pumpkin light in the dark background, with reflections Morning sun and fog Fields in fog after sunrise Hot summer evening in town of Malinska, Island of Krk Residential buildings in croatian capital Zagreb, and reflections on river Sava when water level was high  beautiful Town of Cres, Island of Cres, Croatia - panoramic wide view Bay of Baska, Island of Krk, Croatia - beautiful long peebles beach Panoramic view of Baska - croatian pearl, Island of Krk, Croatia Old brick chimney and roof top with bright sky background Old brick chimney and blue sky background Beautiful golden grain field in summertime,under clear blue sky Church in Erdovec village, Krizevci, Croatia Church on the beautiful hill in springtime, Erdovec village, croatia Traditional rusty horse powered grass mower on meadow in summer Fields & meadow green layers