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blue flower with grass in nature detail view Purple flowers between grass in the mountains while hiking Fresh purple flowers in the meadow in spring Fresh lungwort in the forest with colorful flowers little blue flowers in green grass and forest little blue flowers on forest floor in spring Herb coltsfoot between stones in spring green plant with pistils in spring and forest green leaves of a branch in spring fresh white flowers in spring in the forest Fresh shoots of hazelnut in the forest and spring fresh lungwort Detail view of a collection Fresh lungwort spring collection with white background Fresh lungwort collected on gray background Fresh dead nettle in spring and forest top view fresh green plant with pistils in the forest and spring fresh colorful lungwort in spring and forest colorful lungwort detailed view in the spring collection of fresh lungwort in spring with white background colorful flowers of lungwort in spring Yellow house in the forest with sun rays in spring Stone house with plants in a forest yellow house in the forest Detail view rusty piping from a machine in a factory painted pumpkins with mold on a table in a house open window without slices from a forest house painted pumpkins with mold in a house open door of an overgrown house in the forest Old mill in the countryside with fields old house between trees in a forest old abandoned mill and trees in the country Looking through a window at garden gnomes at an abandoned house melted wax figures on a window in an old house garden gnome with head on the ground in a garden and old house garden gnome with head on the ground at abandoned house with garden dark empty room after a fire in a house dead fox on the floor in a factory abandoned house with trees in a forest abandoned forest house in nature and forest tape and tape recorder in a old abandoned house pots with pattern and a bank note in a abandoned kitchen overgrown old house in the forest with blue sky pots glasses in a wooden shelf in a house from a hunter overgrown old house in the green forest mirror pictures and window in a bedroom detail view mirror and window in the bedfroom from a hunters house mirror and window in a abandoned farmhouse on the country many objects in a bedroom from a abandoned hunterhouse in a forest room with a mannequin woman in an abandoned house Rusty oven and stairs in a cellar of a house