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Side view of a pine cone decoration with some green branches next to it A very large seashell from Mediterana Sea with nice orange stripes Modern climbing carabiner with lock mechanism with nice detail on the gate and lock Man standing in an inflatable kayak with a fishing rod, fishing in a water channel with artificial lures Focused Direct closeup view on a pine cone tip with open scales A pair of fresh washed apples, one green and one red, touching. Isolated on white background Isolated Closeup very large seashell  with nice orange stripes A lot of sea shells in the sunlight on the shore of the sea with nice sunlight and details Round shaped wood wicker with a base from natural pine leafs and some shining fruits gilded in golden polish Three pine cones and green branches in a Christmas decoration arrangement Color complementarity in a juicy green skin apple with a slice of red skin apple Bunch of walnuts stacked on top of each other Conceptual view on a green fresh apple with a red slice attached to A scenic view of four pine cones with green branches design for Christmas Three pine cones and branches casting shadows on a white background Artistic picture of a seashell with spikes isolated on a black background taken in studio Angle close-up on a locking mechanism of an alluminium climbing carabiner on red background Old small tug boat towing a load with visible hawser in tension A set of two carabiners with orange nylon webbing straps attached Round shaped wood wicker with a base from natural pine leafs and some shining fruits gilded in golden polish Beautiful shapes and patterns on a white sea coral closeup on a black background Folding Survival Multi tool with nine functions One slice from a ripe green apple isolated on a white background Gorgeous ripe fresh apple with a sliced piece falling from it Fresh green Granny Smith apple sprayed with waterdrops - isolated on a white background Lots of sea shells on the bank of the sea with soft warm light after sunrise lots of fishing nets hanging outdoor in the sunlight next to a channel with small fishing motorized vessels next to the pontoon Wildlife observation tower point in the Delta, next to a small water channel, outdoor in daylight. Wooden structure on a metallic frame. Pink Mouth detail of a big  seashell with spikes on black studio background A stack of hard shells of walnuts piled together and isolated on white background Round shaped wood wicker with a base from natural pine leafs and some shining fruits gilded in golden polish Climbing carabiner with safety lock mechanism attached to an orange nylon webbing An optical phenomenon created by sun rays bursting from a cloud and forming shadows on the sky A mountaineer descending the slope with a salute raising both hands A group of yellow flowers with some straws between From black to deep blue, then blue and light blue, orange and red, the gradient of this beautiful sunset hour is almost breathtaking Natural phenomenon resulted from a powerful blizzard and extreme weather manifestation Paved road ending abruptly in the middle of a green plain with some trails ahead Royal Castle of King Carol of Romania - located in Sinaia, Prahova Valley A very old wooden water well with a counterweight system based on stones which is missing the bucket Very close tree trunks with foliage united covered in a thick layer of frosty snow A hand-made work of art of an folk artisan carved decoration in a single piece of wood with geometric shapes and symbols for bird, flower, snake and pine-tree Complex metallic framework with numerous reinforcements in a building A beautiful view of high altitude peaks covered in snow and a nice valley in the middle starting between two rocky ridges with no snow left and continuing to the top of the mountains A small rodent - Citellus citellus - in an alert stance next to it's den dug in the soil with his visible claws A Antonov AN2 biplane engine detail with exposed engine. A view from above on the Myrtos Beach with boats on the sea and the road to the beach Artistic illustration of an old wooden window with a couple of spoons and some cups inside Small isolated tree covered with snow on a slope with foggy background A mountaineer equipped with snow shoes and ski poles saluting when walking down a snowy track on a slope in a strong snow storm with snow flakes everywhere