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rolls of hay in field, Germany row of hay rolls in field beach stone with 'hello' scratched on them Cascade crest trail, chinook pass, mt rainier looking down at woman preparing fruit at chinook pass, mt rainier behind looking down on old paint cans 13 year old boy with backpack hiking in forest at chinook pass, mt rainier behind looking down at woman preparing fruit looking down on woman preparing fruit teenage girl with red top on large rock teenage girl at river side toadstool shaped rock formation, looking up desert dirt road, cloudy blue sky behind cracked desert ground with plant coming through rutted desert car tracks looking down curvy desert dirt road near Paria, Utah curved uphill desert dirt road shuttle bus and teenage girl on walking trail shipping contain, fishing nets and harbor buiding ship line on dock anchor and skiff in background ship line to dock anchor, water in background young girl playing kite at beach Chrysler Building detail shot of farmer's market produce, berlin muddy forest hiking trail muddy hiking trail

muddy forest trail exterior view of museum and retired coast guard lightship behind. muddy hiking trail looking down on school notebook and homework binder with box of colored pencils tractor tracks going into distance with trees in back ground palm of left hand, ring on finger, bandage on palm parking lot detail at Sea-Tac Int Airport, Seattle woman using heat gun to remove old interior paint on door trim open paper bag of produce woman laying on bed, newspaper in front, on corded telephone, reading glasses rashes at farmer's market, berlin 5 used, outdated, 2 prong electrical outlet5s artichokes at farmer's market lake at twilight with ducks in water cafe menu calk board ivy covered wall and green shutters ivy covered windows stork nest on roof Beach 3 at La Push, Washington half timbered blue house and garden half timbered blue wall stork nest on roof hiking trail through forest