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Elysian rock lookout scenic views of Australia Sunrise skies and ocean waves crash over rocks.  Port Stephens Australia Eastern grey kangaroo in bushland Aerial veiw of the Shoal Bay jetty in Port Stephens, photographed in early morning light.  Yachts and boats are moored just offshore and a couple of fisherman  cast their lines from the jetty. Sunset skies after the storm, Penrith Australia A female captures a stunning sunrise over mountainous landscape with her mobile phone Red sunsrise skies and beautiful white seafoam waves wash ashore Beautiful scenery in outback Australia.  Textures in sand and clay erosion Beautiful sunrise reflecting across the bay at low tide.  Location  Callala Bay, part of Jervis Bay, Australia A lovely jetty popular with fisherman juts out from the rocky shore into the pristine waters of Sydney coast A simple sunset at Birubi beach Australia with tidal reflections Views  over the Anchorage Marina at Port Stephens Australia Sunset views over the landscape, water and mountains. Rich red sunrise from the rockshelf at a small coastal township called Callala Bay a tranquil setting and suitable mooring for boats and yachts too. A blue canoe kayak upturned on the sandy shore full of fire sticks in bloom as a vibrant sunrise lights up the sky. Magical sunset sunburst sun rays  Port Stephens, How many crabs can you see.  magical sunrise with cloud cover and mist filled Jamison Valley, Blue Mountains, Australia Malabar rockshelf in low tide Summer sunrise light up the sky in warm tones and cast its beautiful light over the sea coast.  Australia Sweeping views over Shoal Bay Port Stephens Australia.  Aerial view looking west in early morning light. Durras Inlet separates North and South Durras townships.  In view is the popular Durras Lake North Park in Murramarang National Park, a great holiday vacation spot. Beautiful gnarled dead trees stand steadfast in the lake as the sun sets. Views onto the lake with its stony sandy shoreline and beautiful blue waters. Aerial views of Brooklyn on the Hawkesbury River and its estuarine waterways and bays have many luxury yachts moored in its waters. Sunrise colours looking south over Nelson Beach, Jervis Bay, NSW Australia Durras lake inlet and the South Durras spit at Durras Beach on beautiful summer day Overhead view of one of Sydney's many free coastal swimming pools.  The ocean is fenced with a free moving net. Timber bridge crosses a winding creek through gum tree forest.  Durras Creek Australia Australian fur seal basking on the rocks by the ocean.   Shallow dof with focus to eye only Overhead view of yacht on beautiful blue waters Crystal clear waters in the mountain creek, Blue Mountains Australia Exploring Victoria.  Hiking along a boardwalk through the lush coastal rainforest and swamp lands after a long 4wd track in to this remote wilderness.  Victorial Australia Panorama of the magical sunrise over mist-filled Jamison Valley.  In the distance Mt Solitary cliffs catch the warm light.  Blue Mountains Australia Stunning rich red full  cloud sunset and reflections in the lake and  some dead trees for contrast. Australian sunsets Beautiful sunrise over mist-filled Jamison Valley. In the distance Mt Solitary cliffs catch the warm light. Blue Mountains Australia A woman looking through the cave opening with views out over the valley Scenic views of Boat Harbour at low tide.  A sole pelican rests on one of the rocks. Beach shoreline curved patterns shapes and colours of the tide 
Scenic coastal landscape beautiful beach and inlet with moored yachts and boats.  Morning sky at dawn with soft light.  Australia Relaxing poolside, coastal rock pools glistening in vibrant jewl-like colours on the coastal rock shelf/  Deep pools of water made by nature and enjoyed in the Autumn sunshine Swimiming in the cold waters of the canyon River rapids upstream Shoalhaven river Australia Overhead views to a small rocky outcrop and fenced lookout into the valley below.  Blue Mountains Australia Fingal spit as the tide washes in.  Port Stephens Australia 14m steel bridge across the deep rock chasm on the edge of the sandstone escarpment cliff faces.   It  connects to scenic lookout with spectacular over Blue Mountains and Jamison Valley Sweeping scenic views across Port Hacking, South Sydney Australia on a beautiful summer day It's easier to go down a mountain than up, but the view is better from the top.  Exploring the cliffs of Mt Victoria soaking up the last rays of warmth from the winter sun Little blue rowboat, sometimes called "tinnies" in Australia sits upturned on a beach at dawn with the sky aglow with the first colours of morning Scenic views early morning along the Nepean River as is leaves the gorge into the plains and  makes its long journey to the sea.  A bridge for cars and pedestrians crosses in the mid ground. Elysian Rock lookout located in Leura Blue Mountains has magnificent views over the Jamison Valley.