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Watercolor flower frame illustration with blank copy space in the middle, can be used as invitation card for wedding, birthday and other holiday or celebration Statue of Perseus With the Head of Medusa in Piazza della Signoria, Florence, Italy. Bronze sculpture made by Benvenuto Cellini isolated on white background
Ancient wooden medieval castle doors Small home window decorated with flower pot at summer The replica of David, statue by Michelangelo isolated on white background. Picture is taken in the Piazza della Signoria in Florence, Italy Cafe doors opened and modern empty outdoor signage mockup to add company logo Black and white picture of abstract looking modern roof construction Detail of the fountain Nymph at the front of Latvian National Opera in Riga, Latvia Wooden Saint Mary and baby Jesus sculpture as interior detail Old decorative baroque palace doors 

Modern architecture building facade with flying airplane in the background SIENA, ITALY - JUNE 29, 2016: Italian policeman standing on the street and checking his smartphone in Siena, Italy Dry tree in flower pot in hot tropical conditions Typical italian balcony with decorative railing and closed window shutters Minimal winter landscape with frozen group of trees and copy space on upper part of picture Traditional old wooden doors in Italy with three decorative boxwood trees growing in flower pots Blank menu blackboard on the wall to add menu or other text. Wall is decorated with flowers Modern architecture building with flying airplane in background. Low angle view blue colorized picture. Old weathered wooden doors in Italy Traditional medieval street in Venice,Italy VENICE, ITALY - MAY 27, 2015: Traditional venetian gondola sailing tourists in remote canal, in Venice, Italy VENICE, ITALY - MAY 27, 2015: Parents and young girl sailing in gondola, in Venice, Italy. Gondolier is smiling at camera. VENICE, ITALY - MAY 27, 2015: Gondolier in traditional uniform standing lonely and waiting for tourists on the street of Venice, Italy  VILNIUS, LITHUANIA - APRIL 25, 2015: Mother taking selfie with her little daughter in front of blossoming cherry tree in Vilnius, Lithuania. No entry roadsign hanging on street lamp post against background of old weathered house Abstract picture of modern apartment building with balconies against blue sky Old decorative baroque palace doors isolated on white background Close up picture of traditional decorated carnival mask in Venice, Italy Window picture of an old traditional wooden log house. Wooden fence and garden with flowers is also seen Old classic style mirror with vintage decorated frame isolated on white background Classic style entrance doors with blank signage to add text Christmas background of public christmas tree decorated with red and yellow balls and violin made of glowing led strip Group of happy handmade wooden dwarfs standing on the street as christmas decoration Tall skyscrapers of Shinjuku district in Tokyo, Japan. Vertically oriented low angle view with vintage looking photo filter Home entrance covered with white blooming plants in venetian island of Burano Stone steps covered with yellow maple leaves at autumn Decorated gothic church doors in Venice, Italy Closeup of ship deck with sail ropes and old bell made of copper Traditional decorative doorbell in Venice, Italy Abstract architecture concept on flat cyan color background. Residential house in the background and street lamp in focus in foreground Sculpture dedicated to musician John Lennon in Vilnius, Lithuania Verticaly oriented picture of modern building as architecture abstract Traditional Venetian carnival accessories at opened window display in Burano island Old church in Vilnius, Lithuania, reflected in water puddle on cobblestone pavement Remoted lighthouse in Saaremaa island, Estonia Altar with Jesus in the interior of weathered orthodox Christian church in Vilnius, Lithuania Picture of blank wooden placard, standing on the street, ready to put any text Picture of wooden board for restaurant menu outside restaurant doors. Board is blank, ready to put any text Classic business center doors with editable company plates fixed on the wall Vertical oriented picture of wooden shop doors decorated with a set of antique picture frames. Original shot made in Vilnius, capital of Lithuania