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Fresh lion tracks on the ground at Kruger National Park Lush Japanese Maple trees around Torii gate to Eikando Temple Empty Yama siphon coffee brewer Torri gates at the entrance of Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine Flora along the river outside Heian Shrine during autumn Little signage on Table Mountain showing distance to Singapore The Philosopher's Walk in Kyoto during Autumn Japanese maple leaves taken at Eikando Temple shiba inu dog looking out of car side window Mother Warthog with her young at Kruger National Park Shrimp burger in Japan fast-food outlet Kyoto, Japan - 2010: King Crab on sale at a market Bottom up view of Table Mountain with a cable car going Beautiful female lion looking ahead at Kruger National Park Roses lay in a fountain at a Buddhist shrine in Bangkok The architecture of the main palace in Heian Shrine mirrors the style and features of the Kyoto Imperial Palace A mother African bush elephant in a herd gets aggressive as she defends her young against others Water from a fountain flows down over red roses Foliage surrounding the grounds at Kiyomizu-dera Temple, Kyoto in autumn Shrub Callicarpa (Lamiaceae) with purple berries in winter Viburnum Opulus Compactum (Guilder-Rose) with red berries in autumn Train tracks to Takayama A monkey scatters across the grass to escape Vegetable plantation in front of gassho house in Shirakawago Village Nice char on a Yakitori skewered meat A giraffe with big sleep eyes looks on curiously Male lion drinking water from a pond at Kruger National Park Hida beef barbecue in Kyoto Safari vehicle with windscreen folded down at Kruger National Park Two female lions resting near a pond at Kruger National Park Curious Impala looks at camera at Kruger National Park Shrub Callicarpa (Lamiaceae) with purple berries in winter Kyoto, Japan - 2010: Fresh tuna sashimi on sale at a market Hida beef sashimi served with dipping soya sauce White-bearded wildebeest look curiously at Kruger National Park Red and yellow leaves along Eikando Temple in autumn Yellow Japanese Maple leaves in autumn Landscape view of a lake in Kruger National Park Aerial view of Shirakawago Village in Autumn Rustic wood texture plank grain background, wooden desk table or floor, old striped timber board Train tracks in Kyoto Old coffee grinder displayed at a cafe A barren tree in autumn bear fruits Hexagon shape window outlet on a house in Shirakawago Village Left turn road sign in phuket, Thailand. "Safe" spelled wrongly Perfect weather at Laem Singh beach in Phuket, Thailand Aerial view of Singapore central business district Sea foam along Laem Singh beach Concert stage fully set up at a winery open area Sun set view against buildings around Beach Road vicinity in Singapore