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View to Indus river and valley, Karakoram, Pakistan Dimmuborgir nature sculpture around Myvatn lake in Iceland Panorama with Eldfell volcano in Heimaey island, Vestmannaeyjar archipelago, Iceland Panorama of ship cemetery near Moynaq at sunrise with the cows - 29 April 2017 Karakalpakstan, Uzbekistan Abstract Rock formation aka pig or hedgehog,Tamezguida, Tassili nAjjer national park, Algeria Buttes at the dried shore of Razazza lake aka Milh lake or Sea of Salt, Iraq Panorama aerial view to Stokholm from Katarina viewpoint, Stokholm , Sweden Prepared in fire grilled carp, national fast food of Basra, Iraq The royal cemetery and Mausoleum in Adamiyah Baghdad, Iraq View to Euphrates river from former Saddam Hussein palace, Hillah, Babyl, Iraq Traditional Konso tribe house in Karat Konso, Ethiopia Ruins of Deir el-Haggar temple at Kharga oasis, Egypt Mudhif, the traditional house of Marsh arabs aka madan. Iraq Night Exterior view to Kuwait Telecommunications Tower aka Liberation Tower - 07 January 2015 Kuwait-city Kuwait Panorama of partially restored Babylon ruins, Hillah, Iraq Panorama of Svinafelljokull glacier , Skaftafell national park, Iceland Snow in the Kyzylkum desert in Uzbekistan Panoramic aerial cityscape of Copenhagen city in Denmark Gate of partially restored Babylon ruins, Hillah, Iraq Decorated truck - 07 May 2015 Karakoram highway, Pakistan Eruption of Tavurvur volcano at Rabaul, New Britain island, Papua New Guinea Agriculture landscape with fields of teff at morning in Ethiopia Landscape with Eldgja canyon and spring, south Iceland Tombstones aka Axum steles at Tigray, northern Ethiopia Landscape of Dyrholaey cape, volcanic sand beach, South Iceland Panorama aerial view to Stokholm from Katarina viewpoint, Stokholm , Sweden Tanah Lot temple on the rock, Bali island, Indonesia Panorama of partially restored Babylon ruins and Former Saddam Hussein Palace, Babylon, Hillah, Iraq Panorama of partially restored Babylon ruins, Hillah, Iraq Aerial panorama view to Geiranger fjord,Trollstigen at Norway Faisal Mosque in Islamabad, capital of Pakistan Ceiling of Former Saddam Hussein Palace ruins with images of the landmarks of Iraq - 01 november 2011 Hillah, Babylon, Iraq Lamb steaks cooking on disposable grill, Iceland Close-up view to Ruins of Processional street of ancient Babylon, Hillah, Iraq Buddha image on the rock over Kar Gah river, Karakorum, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan Panorama of Rohtas fortress in Punjab, Pakistan Cityscape of the Kuwait city under the sun in Kuwait The Unfinished Chapel of the Batalha Monastery in Portugal Heddal Stave Church, Norways largest stave church, Notodden municipality, Norway Panorama of old city Shali and mountain Dakrour in Siwa oasis, Egypt Interior view to traditional old bakery,Agadez, Niger Sunset Panorama of Schalbus-Dag mountain at Dagestan, Caucasus Russia Palmyra columns in the night, destroyed by DAESH now, Syria Transportation of salt slabs on camel, Karum lake, Danakil, Afar Ethiopia Portrait of young owl chick in Galibi, Maroni, Suriname Selim pass, on the road to Sevan Lake Armenia Mosque Kalyan courtyard as part of Po-i-Kalyan complex Bukhara, Uzbekistan Steam lake in the crater of Golovnina volcano in Kunashir island, Kurily, Russia the Foundation of former Osama bin Laden house in Abbotabad, Pakistan View to Viluchinsky volcano from the caldera of Mutnovsky, Kamchatka peninsula, Russia