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Abstract background - bright lights bokeh                               Surface chipboard as background                               Colored Crystal Rhinestones close up as background                               Green apples with leaves as background                                  Pine branch in rain drops closeup                               Strawberries with pink flowers closeup                               Plastic figures of two lizards on the rock garden                               Butterfly on a yellow flower rudbeckia closeup                               Bright multi-colored spots as abstract background                                  Texture of the wall of the great gray-brown stones(toned in sepia)                               Texture of dark blue indigo satin fabric Garden wicker swings closeup                               The texture of light surface of plastic                               Basket with mushrooms in the forest                               Decorative sedge as background                               Sky-blue silk fabric as background Texture elastic fabric supplex acid-pink Golden ripe apple on a branch                               The lantern on the wall decorated with wooden carvings                               Bright red petunias in the background out of focus wooden planks                               Juniper greens closeup as background                               Beautiful flower light pink rose close-up                               Immortelles flower helichrysum  in the garden                               Forged metal gate as a backdrop                                    Huge tomato in a greenhouse close-up                               Sunset sky with clouds                               Tomatoes growing in a greenhouse Beautiful flower light pink-yellow rose close-up                               White dahlia with purple spots closeup Half of watermelon isolated                               Growing bunch varietal pink grapes in the garden                              Red apples on a branch against the blue sky                               Box of ripe red tomatoes on a green grass                               Kozinaki (national Georgian sweetness - nuts in honey) is isolated                               Bright pink lily close-up                               Red currant on small plates decorated with leaves isolated Three tomatoes: ripe, unripe and ripening on a branch close-up                               Red ripe tomatoes as background           Violaceous Grapes on the vine                               Bright sparkling embers in a brazier as background Kozinaki (national Georgian sweetness - nuts in honey) is isolated                                Hazelnuts close-up as background Cabbage closeup as background                               Collection of small old iron crucifixes                               Yellow rudbeckia flower with leaves isolated                               Ripe red currant close-up as background                               Two purple inflorescences of onions                               Green apples in a red box isolated                                 Dark red dahlia close-up as background                               Gray rain clouds overhanging the clear blue sky