$2000 Credit + 70% Off For 2 Years

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$2000 Credit + 70% Off For 2 Years

$2000 Credit + 70% Off For 2 Years


Oracle for Startups provides access to world-class technology at a 70% discount to startups for the first two years. On joining, you'll also be given access to the Startup Portal, through which you can apply for additional free cloud credits, mentorship, migration support, and market connections.

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Scale faster with powerful connections. Oracle builds beneficial partnerships for startups at all growth stages with a unique acceleration program. Starts with free cloud and a 70% discount for two years on scalable technology like autonomous database and high performance computing. Expand through hands-on migration support, expert mentorship, and exposure to new audiences via marketing, events, and opportunities to engage with Oracle’s network of over 430,000 customers.



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