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Several QR bardode square icons in a round pattern around the word QR Code representing new technology for you to gather information on products and services using devices like a smart phone A black wood conference table with the word Meeting and several open chairs prepared for a gathering of important people to discuss a formal topic and negotiate An old fashioned television shows the word Advertising and a burst of colorful stars to grab attention of customers A diagram showing instructions on how to scan a QR code to get information on a product using a device such as a smart phone Weighing the good and bad of a situation or issue on a gold metal scale, one word on each side, measuring the positives and negatives A grid illustrating the types of information you can learn by scanning the QR code on a product you see in a store Think words in sky -- brainstorm, envision, imagine, dream, visualize, conceptualize -- representing the generation of new ideas and innovations The words Good and Bad on a see-saw balance board, weighing the differences of positive and negative qualities to make a decision A gold compass with the words Good and Bad with needle pointing to Good, meaning that positive qualities outweigh negative characteristics in the quest for success A line of people step through a doorway marked Attitude and are transformed and ready for success by embracing positivity and other good qualities A green two-way street sign pointing to Recession and Recovery in opposite directions indicating that economic growth and return to positive financial conditions could be just down the road A plastic calculator displays the word Interest as you figure how the percentage interest rate you will pay on borrowed money or the money you will make on investments The Best words on a golden trophy awarded to the winner of a competition or a group or company deemed top in customer service, product quality or some other comparison A person thinks of How to Win with words in a speech bubble, planning a strategy for winning a game, battle or business competition Three people lift the word Support symbolizing the help a group of selfless volunteers can provide in difficult times of trouble Problem and Solution words on a plastic calculator representing the solved financial or math question using an educational tool or financial assistance Several darts aim for but miss a yellow sticky note with a question mark written on it, symbolizing an unsuccessful hunt for answers to questions A metal toggle switch with plate reading Accept and Reject, representing your ability to approve or deny a person or group with your opinion of their value as good or bad A magnifying glass hovering over several instances of the word Savings, a symbolic representation of the search for the best deal and saving money when purchasing something A person is wrapped in red tape marked Help, representing getting caught in a problem or trouble and needing rescue to be freed from the tangled mess A white dry erase board with red marker, with the words Today I Will... representing your commitment and dedication to succeeding in reaching an important goal The word Now with a clock in the letter O representing an urgency or emergency and important need to beat a tight deadline A license plate with the letters GR8 DEAL representing the savings you find on a great used or new vehicle while shopping for an automobile Three people stand with arms crossed behind the words We Mean Business illustrating the serious work involved in working together to solve your problem or meet your needs A number of chairs gathered in a circle around the words Group Session for a meeting or interaction with several people for therapy or business brainstorming or sharing ideas A wooden ruler with the word Project representing an assignment for school homework or an arts and crafts job you are working on A thermometer marked Change measures the amount of changing and self improvement you successfully reach as you work toward achieving a goal Three colorful arrow signs reading Jobs and pointing in three directions illustrating a plentiful job market for you to find a new position and start a successful career The words Time for Feedback on an ornate white clock, showing that it is time to collect input and responses in a question and answer session during a meeting or other group event A credit card with the words Smart Saver Card which entitles you to great savings, discounts and cheap prices on merchandise you want A green freeway sign with the word Freedom and an arrow pointing the way to a path of independence, liberty and autonomy A man jumps over the word Debt on an arrow, showing that it's possible to overcome the problems of owing money to debtors and living with a large deficit A person draws a question mark on a glass board with a red marker symbolizing his confusion and to ask about a problem or issue Several words having to do with changing -- change, adapt, reform, adjust, grow and evolve -- symbolize the need to make changes to succeed in a career and in life A crowd of people discussing their favorite mobile apps, reviewing applications that they are buying for their mobile phones and computer devices A white door opens to reveal the word Help symbolizing the support and assistance you can receive by opening up to a friend, colleague or counselor who can assist you in your needs Several people out of work compete for a single available job in a crowded labor market symbolizing the cut-throat competition in the quest for a career The largest slice of a 3D pie chart with the words The Big Chunk representing the biggest share of a divided result such as money, market share or other valuable object A fuel gauge measures the amount of apps in your smart phone, with the needle pointing to a mobile phone or other device that is full of applications A price tag with the word Free on it, representing a complimentary item in a discount sale or clearance event A web browser window shows the Get Product Info, a QR barcode on a box that has been scanned by a smart phone or other mobile device by a customer A leader lifts the word Future while others with less vision are crushed by the word Past, being unable or unwilling to accept change and therefore are left behind by the march of progress Three colorful vitamins - one red, green and blue - on a white background. Each vitamin in capsule pill form A man presses a button beside the word Resolved to resolve a conflict as opposed to continue it.  Symbolizes conflict resolution and ending difficulty between two parties or people A green button with the word Info representing a way to get more information to answer your questions on an important matter, product or news feature 3d illustrated words Feeling Trapped in a maze to represent the difficulty of a hard problem or trouble that is keeping you lost in confusion behind barriers or obstacles A superhero with the word Change across his chest encourages and helps you to make changes and adapt and evolve to adjust to new challenges that life brings you A superhero stands with the word Change as an emblem across his chest, looking to the future to lead a new era of adapting to a changing world and evolving to survive An orange and white construction barricade sign with the words Coming Soon to announce and introduce or give a sneak preview of a new feature, road project, business, event or other object The words Coming Soon on a large outdoor billboard on a yellow background advertises a new store, grand opening, sneak preview of a movie or feature or other event, product or object