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We're Different

We want to change how people use stock images

We are a small group of passionate people who are on a mission
to simplify and improve the way we all use stock images online
..and offline.

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Meet the team

Jan Ole Kjellesvig
Founder & COO

Jan Ole Kjellesvig is founder and COO at YAY.

"I'm passionate about innovation and how technology can be used to change the status quo. YAY's edge as a business is that we can collectively decide on a plan and execute in a very short time."

"When I'm not thinking about YAY, I love to spend time with my family, cook elaborate dinners, and keep myself updated on politics and technology. I love squirreling away odd facts. Did you know that giving people something hot to hold, like a cup of coffee will give them warmer thoughts about you?"

Oddbjørn Sjøgren
Founder & CTO

Oddbjørn Sjøgren, known as Bjorn, is a founder and CTO at YAY.

"I've always been interested in the intersection of technology and business. I'm especially fascinated by how modern technology makes it possible for small groups of people to change the world. Currently this fascination is manifesting itself in my involvement in YAY which is trying to create a better fairer platform for image licensing."

"Playing soccer, biking, running, playing squash or any other activity that raises your pulse is my preferred way of spending any time I'm not working."

Artur Trocki
Back-end Developer

Artur Trocki is responsible for the backend at YAY Images. He is also developing the API.

Earl Varona
UI & UX Designer

Earl Varona is our awesome designer.

Irina Gache
Quality Control Specialist

Irina Gache is in charge of quality control of all our images. Irina studied Psychology but ended up working in the photo industry by mistake and loved it ever since. She has experience in both stock and editorial photo researching for magazines and advertising agencies. Irina is a photographer herself and an avid consumer of visual arts. Amongst her hobbies are long-boarding rides, reading and painting. Her favorite quote is: "Always seeing something, never seeing nothing, being a photographer” by Walter De Mulder.