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Businesswoman holding an invisible object by phovoir

Image Businesswoman holding an invisible object

by: phovoir

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Businesswoman holding an invisible object


  • Stock License
  • Model Released


  • 30-35
  • arms
  • attire
  • background
  • business
  • businesswoman
  • Caucasian
  • cinch
  • clamp
  • clamping
  • clench
  • clenching
  • clutch
  • clutching
  • dress
  • encircle
  • enclose
  • enfold
  • envelop
  • exec
  • executive
  • face
  • firm
  • grasp
  • grasping
  • grip
  • gripping
  • hands
  • heels
  • high
  • hold
  • holding
  • invisible
  • isolated
  • object
  • on
  • outspread
  • professional
  • seated
  • sit
  • sitting
  • skirt
  • stool
  • suit
  • tight
  • tightly
  • white
  • woman
  • years

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